Consulting Cultures do not tend to standardize, they tend to distinguish us, they react to each other and together they can collaborate.
The African culture is centered on the human being, on the communication between the members of the group.
Our approach to knowledge through cultural immersion, has allowed us to find some simple human truths that connect brands and people.
Creation A new generation of African designers, emerges in various universes.
Between heritage, modernity and mixed cultures, these young designers bring a new eye to contemporary African creation.
They deliver an African universe of interrelations in which codes, symbols, forms, places, external nature, matter, culture and ideology articulate communication, structure the message and influence meaning and signification.
Media Africa, home to fifty-four nations, for 1,3 billion people, speaking about 2000 languages, represents so many different markets, simultaneously continental, regional and local.
Consumer knowledge and media best practice, will optimize advertising investments. Identifying media consumers, quantifying media consumption and qualifying media behaviors achieves this goal.